Welcome To Pace D&C
Type of Decor

Services We Offered

Whole House
Providing the opportunity to infuse it with new life, modern functionality, and cohensive design.


Build To Order
Get a modern interior design with quality workmanship. joy and peace of mind seeing your home built to your expectations


Kitchen (2 Toilets)
A kitchen that looks and feels brand new is truly exhilarating, having a sense of joy as cooking in your beautiful new space.


Updating, improving or transforming commercial. The renovations can range from minor to large structural changes.



4 Simple Process To Follow

Meet & Consultation
we provide a non-obligatory site survey to assess and understand our clients’ requirements. During the survey, we will assess the existing condition of the unit and offer our clients practical advice on planning the renovation.
Quotation & Cost Estimation
Following which, we will be able to provide a cost quotation encompassing the range of works required, while taking into account the specific budget and time constraints of each project.
Design, Plan & Construct
Upon finalization discussion and order confirmed, you can sit back and relax. We’ll built a beautiful home or office and great relationships along the way.